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LNER J21 by Victory Works OUT NOW!

We are proud to announce the release of Victory Works brand new LNER J21(NER C) Class Pack for Train Simulator.

This product us packed with all those advanced features that you have come to appreciate from all Victory Works products, while still being very user-friendly.

Find Out More Here


Pre-War Era Pullman Set 1 NOW AVAILABLE

We are pleased to announce that the third set of Matrix Trains' Pullman carriages are now available from our download store.


BR Era Set 1 and Set 2 have broken all our records for sales here at Steam Sounds Supreme. Find out why they're so popular!


BR Era Pullman Sets 1 & 2 Now Available

It is our privilege to host Matrix Trains very popular Pullman Cars!

To find out more about these fantastic carriages and to get your copies, visit the special shop pages. Set 1 & Set 2


New Scenario Pack Released

We are pleased to announce the release of a new scenario pack!

This new pack will give you hours of entertainment driving the superbly detailed and realistic Stanier 8F by Bossman Games. Enjoy sessions on a variety of heritage railways available for Train Simulator.


New Matrix Trains Carriages Set Now Available

We are pleased to announce that two new sets of Matrix Trains carriages are now available from our store. Four sets have been arranged in two packs to help give you value for money. Each pack comes with two liveries, six carriages types, passenger views, custom sounds and Quick Drive.



Duchess Sound Enhancement Now Available

We are pleased to present our latest sound pack - a new addition to our Budget Range. This time for the mighty LMS Duchess locomotive. This pack will immerse you in the glorious sounds of steam, updating your Duchess of Sutherland DLC and LMS Coronation DLC with brand new sounds, and a reworking of the sounds provided with the locos by default.

To find out more and to watch the official preview video, visit the new page here.


New Gresley Teak Carriages Now Available!!

We are pleased to release to you another new set of carriages by Matrix Trains. This set of Gresley Teak carriages is supplementary to the carriages already available over on Steam. We have included our custom sounds, and created a wide range of Quick Drive options.

For more information and to get your copy, visit the shop page for this new pack HERE.


The Worth Valley for Train Simulator OUT NOW!!

We are delighted to present the much-anticipated Keighley and Worth Valley Railway for Train Simulator!!

This labour of love has been in development for the past few years, the project led by Vulcan Productions' Mark Walker.

To find out all about this fantastic new route, and how you can obtain your copy, visit the official shop page HERE.


Matrix Trains 65ft Grampian Sets 1 & 2 OUT NOW!!

We are pleased to announce that Train Simulator carriage-build specialists Matrix Trains have a new product for you!!

Matrix Trains are an established part of the Train Simulator scene, with many carriage products available on the Steam Marketplace. We are proud and privileged to have the opportunity to host Gordon and his next series of Matrix Trains carriage sets.

The first carriage set to hosted on Steam Sounds Supreme is the Caledonian Railway 65ft 12 Wheel Grampian Set 1.


We're also pleased to say that set 2 is available as well. This new set includes LMS Period 3 and BR Crimson & Cream liveries.

Find This New Pack HERE


New Wagon Pack Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of a new addition to our Departmentasl Wagons Range by Donkey Works - The Dolphin & Sturgeon Wagon Pack+Bonus Content.

This pack is the perfect compliment to the Departmetal Hoppers, Salmon and Lowmac wagons already available.

Get your copy for JUST £3.75 HERE


The Swanage Railway Now Available

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our heritage railway portfolio has been released. Produced by Second Valve and team, the Swanage Railway is a free route for Train Simulator recreating the preserved Swanage Branch.

Please visit our new Routes page HERE for more information.


'Worth Valley' Route - PREORDER NOW!!

We're excited to announce that you can now pre-order the highly-anticipated Keighley and Worth Valley Railway route for Train Simulator.

This route has been in development for the past 3 years and is collaboration with Vulcan Productions, Skyhook Games Ltd, Mark Brinton and Blastpipe Productions.

To find out all about the forthcoming pack and to pre-order your copy at a 10% discount, go to THIS PAGE now!


BR Standard 9F Expansion OUT NOW!!

We're excited to announce the release of one of our most eagerly anticipated add-ons to date - the BR 9F Expansion Pack!! This pack will immerse you in the majesty of one of the most powerful locomotives ever built for Britain's railways. A HUGE variety of repaints awaits you, along with new sounds, particles, scripts, an extensive range of Quick Drive ooptions(over 500 consists!!) and engaging scenarios created by our friends at Golden Goldsmith Scenarios.

This pack is now available for you to enjoy!!


40t Trestrol Wagon Pack OUT NOW!!

We're pleased to announce the release of another new wagon pack by Malcolm Mackay.

This time Malcolm has created a set of Trestrol bogie wagons for Train Simulator. The Trestrol wagons were built from the 1950's onwards, for the carriage of flat steel sheeting. This pack contains both XTO and XTP types and they come in clean and weathered conditions. To find out more about this brand new pack of wagons, and to pick up your copy, visit the shop page HERE.


Bulleid Light Pacific - Working Days Edition OUT NOW!!

We are delighted to release to you the latest edition to our Bulleid Light Pacific's collection  - the 'Working Days' edition.

As the name implies, this pack takes you back to the glorious Southern Region days of the 1950's and 60's. 30(including variations) 'Flat-top' Bulleids have been created, with a selection of West Country and Battle of Britain classes included. Such evocative names as Bude, City of Wells, Biggin Hill, Okehampton and Chard are among the many new names provided.

To find out all about the pack and to pick up your copy CLICK HERE


Gresley A4 Sound Pack OUT NOW

We are thrilled to release to you a brand new sound pack for the Gresley A4 locomotives by Dovetail Games.

This highly anticipated sound pack will completely transform your experience driving Sir Nigel Gresley's finest speed-merchants!! Enjoy a complete overhaul of the sounds, plus exhaust, whistle and more sounds. You'll also enjoy improved particle textures. Six exciting scenarios have also been created for the Riviera Line, Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway and Whitby & pickering Heritage Railway.


Hunslet Fitzwilliam OUT NOW

We are proud to announce the release of the Hunslet Fitzwilliam Saddle Tank Pack for Train Simulator 2018. This pack has been lovingly put together by The Rustic Engineman's Loco & Carriage Workshop and comes with 5 livery options, plus a special version of the preserved Ring Haw.

To find out about everything else this pack has to offer, please visit the shop page HERE


A Long-Awaited Update


New Privacy Policy

On May 25th 2018, new laws go into effect called GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. As we use your personal data when you make purchases from our download store, and when you subscribe to our newsletter, we have written up a Privacy Policy to explain exactly how your personal data is used by Steam Sounds Supreme. You can find this at the top of this page, under About Us.


Steam Era Carriage Sound Pack **MAJOR UPDATE**

We are delighted to make available a major update to our very popular Steam Era Carriage Sound Pack. Before, it added new sounds to 18 different carriages sets. Now, it's 62!!

Current owners will receive the update for free. If it doesn't arrive, please Contact Us and quote your order ID.

New customers, please visit the shop HERE and grab your copy NOW!!


Small Prairie Sound Pack Now Available!

We're pleased to release an update to to what was previously called the 4575 Small Prairie Sound Pack. It is now named GWR Small Prairie Sound Pack. The 4500 and 4575 now come with unique sounds, immersing you in the glorious sounds of steam!!

Find the pack HERE


BR Shocvan Wagon Pack OUT NOW!!

We are extremely proud to announce the release of our latest wagon pack. This pack has been created by respected TS modeler Malcolm Mackay. Please visit our Rolling Stock Packs page to find out more.


Progress Reports & Other News

Please visit our latest SSS Workshop Blog Post to find out some bits of news and there's a little bit of grovelling. We felt it necessary to explain a little bit about the delays to our Two Pre-Order Packs. These will be released soon, but we are very sorry for them taking so much longer than we would ever have anticipated.



Our Multipacks have be reworked on a new page. You will find some new offers, giving you the opportunity to save on your Steam Sounds Supreme content!!

TS Multipacks


Double Release

We are pleased to present the Bluebell Railway for Train Simulator!

The Bluebell is one of the oldest heritage railways in the UK. The TS route has been created by Ivor Russell, and includes a array of custom assets. Steam Sounds Supreme have also added their own enhancements, to make this one of the best heritage railway routes available. And what's more, IT'S FREE!!

Get yours now HERE


Betton Grange Expansion OUT NOW!!

We are delighted to release an expansion pack giving you new-build GWR Grange 6880 'Betton Grange' in a selection of the possible liveries the locomotive could carry.

This pack contains a set of engaging scenarios by Golden Goldsmith Scenarios, a basic version of CJB particles, sound enhancements, Quick Drive and more.

Grab yours for JUST £4.50 HERE

- 19-11-17 -

Busily Working Away!!

- 03-11-17 -

Steam in Motion - A New Steam Sound Series

We are pleased to release the first in a new series of sound collection albums under the name Steam in Motion. These collections enable you to live through the action we enjoy as we go around recording steam for our Train Simulator projects. There are an awful lot of sounds that have no use for Train Simulator, but are really enjoyable to listen to. These sounds truly do Thrill, Excite & Entertain!!

Our first release in this series takes you back to the first part of 2016 when we visited the Bluebell, Mid-Hants, North Norfolk & Isle of Wight steam railways. So sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the glorious sounds of steam!!

Visit our Steam in Motion Page and pick up this exciting sound collection NOW!

- 27-10-17 -

Industrial Steam Coming to Steam Sounds Supreme!!

Hunslet Fitzwilliam 0-6-0ST now available to PREORDER.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our next steam locomotive release to be the Hunslet Fitzwilliam locomotive pack by the Rustic Engineman's Loco & Carriage Workshop, the same creator who gave you the LBSCR E2 and the GER Y14/LNER J15 Pack. We're pleased to say that you can now preorder and SAVE 20%.

Find out more about this pack and PREORDER your copy HERE

- 17-10-17 -

West Somerset Members Edition Updated

Our popular West Somerset Railway Members Edition has been updated. Adding even more realism!! Bringing the route up to date, the route now includes the recently added ash shed at Bishops Lydeard, as well as the new track & signalling layout at Williton. Other more subtle improvements will be noted by the observant among you.

An update email has been sent out. If you do not receive it, feel free to download it again from HERE.

- 25-09-17 -

Two New Wagon Packs Now Available!

It is our pleasure to make available to you all a brand new pair of wagon packs, in association with Phil Baines. We are delighted to present the Salmon Bogie Flats & Lowmac Wagon Packs - a new addition to the 'Departmental' range.

Visit our Rolling Stock Pages HERE

- 01-09-17 -

Bulleid Working Days PREORDER

We are pleased to announce that you can now PREORDER our Bulleid Light Pacific - Working Days Pack for Train Simulator. This pack is in the latter stages of development.

What are the benefits of preordering this pack?

Firstly you get 20% off the full release price! Secondly, when the pack is ready, you will get it straight away!

In order to preorder this pack, please visit THIS PAGE NOW!!!

We are also pleased to announce that we have released a new free LMS livery repaints pack for the Stanier Black 5 steam locomotive. To find out more, and obtain your copy visit our Free Steam Locomotives & Rolling Stock Page HERE.

- 18-08-17 -

Wycombe Railway & Joint Line Version 3

We are pleased to introduce version 3 if this fantastic steam era route created by Peter Goodearl. See our Free Route area to find out how you can get your copy of this highly anticipated route package.

- 29-07-17 -

Standard 4 2-6-0 Sound Pack OUT NOW!!

It is with great pleasure that we release a brand new sound pack for Train Simulator

Immerse yourself in the glorious sounds of steam with this broad collection of new sounds for Just Trains BR Standard 4MT Advanced Pack.

Setting a new standard in sound!!

Find Out More HERE

- 03-07-17 -

New Terrier Addon OUT NOW

Earlier this year, the Stroudley Terrier MAIN PACK & EARLY YEARS ADDON were released, packed full with the detail you have come to appreciate from Victory Works' products. These much loved workhorses of steam were very well received by the Train Simulator community.

We are proud to present a new pack by Victory Works! This time we present the Stroudley Terrier Later Years Addon. As was the case with the Early Years Addon, this pack WILL NOT install, and WILL NOT WORK without the MAIN PACK.


- 15-06-07 -

Terrier Updates

Both terrier packs have been updated with minor fixes. Owners will have received update notice emails over the past few days. If you haven't received yours, then please don't hesitate to Contact Us, quoting your order ID, and we'll look into it.

The new 'Later Years' Addon Pack is in the final stages of development and will be released exclusively HERE very soon!!

- 09-05-17 -

Brand New Enhancement Pack OUT NOW!!

It is with great pleasure, and a immense feeling of relief(!), that we announce the release of our long-awaited BR Standard 4 2-6-4T Enhancement Pack. This is a comprehensive expansion pack for Digital Traction's wonderful 4MT Tank loco. A pack to appeal to both steam era and preservation era fans!

Immerse yourself in an exciting steam audio-visual experience HERE

More Steam Loco Enhancement Packs

And on top of this, we are also pleased to re-release what was our very first product - Standard 4MT Tank Sound Pack!! This is to be made available FREE to all who purchase the above enhancement pack. Contact Us with your order ID to claim your copy!

The 4MT Tank Sound Pack is available HERE

- 26-04-17 -

Stroudley Terriers OUT NOW!!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Victory Works' fabulous little Terrier tanks for Train Simulator!

These much loved workhorses of steam are brought to Train Simulator packed full of the detail you have come to appreciate from Victory Works!

Head over to our Steam Locomotive Packs & Addons page to find out more

- 20-03-17 -

GER Y14/LNER J15 Now Available

We are delighted to present he Complete Great Eastern Railway Y14 Class and the modified LNER J15 Class 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive. Produced by the Rustic Engineman's Loco and Carriage Workshop.

Find Out More HERE

  - 03-02-17 -

  Severn Valley Railway Public BETA Now Available!!

After 5/6 years of work, and thanks to contributions from many members of the Train Simulator community, we are please - and relieved(!) - to announce that the Severn Valley Railway is now available to download from our Freeware Routes page.

This is a public beta. So feedback will be appreciated. But please don't just bombard us with 'It's not working, fix it!' type messages. If there are issues, we will do our best to fix them. But you will have to wait for updates.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement during development!

- 23-12-16 -

Some Updates

Two of our packs have received updates. The GWR Manor Sound Pack has been updated and is now called the Ultimate GWR Manor Sound Pack. The reason for the name change is simply because the pack now contains MUCH more content in the way of unique sounds! Each preserved loco within the Just Trains Manor Packages have received unique sounds, to more closely represent their real life counterparts.

In our second update, the free GWSR route pack is now at version 2.5. Changes include updated signalling(including new sounds), scenery improvements at Toddington, track layout changes at Laverton and extension of the track to Broadway(limited scenery). This is to try to reflect the changes taking place at the real line. Download the route from our Free Routes Page.

If you already have downloaded it, look out for the update notification Email.

See HERE for more on the real GWSR

- 16-11-16 -

New Steam Era Route NOW AVAILABLE

We are delighted to announce the release of this new steam era route for TS-2017.

The Southampton to Weymouth Route takes in the Southern network from Southampton Terminus station and docks, through Southampton Central, and onwards to Weymouth via both Bournemouth Central, and the 'Castlemans Corkscrew' route via Ringwood. Also included are the Lymington branch, the short line to Bournemouth West, and the old Ringwood to Christchurch line, which closed in 1935. So the route has a broad time period represented.

Visit the Freeware Routes Section to grab your copy, and to find out more

- 04-11-16 -

GWR Heavy Freight Pair Now Available!!

We are pleased to announce that the GWR Heavy Freight Tank Locos by Victory Works are NOW AVAILABLE. Many of you will have been watching the developments over recent weeks, and will be excited and eager to grab yourself a copy of each!


Many of you will have taken the opportunity to PREORDER the packs. Please note that the update from PREORDER to FULL RELEASE has now occurred. PREORDER customers are advised to check their Email inbox to locate the Update Notification email from Sendowl. This update will changes the stamped .pdf you received when you preordered, to the full package.

If you haven't received this update notice, then please
Email Support, quoting your order ID, and we'll look into it for you.

- 26-10-16 -

GWSR Scenario Pack 3 OUT NOW!!

Introducing the 3rd in the series of scenario packs by Vulcan Productions' scenario creator in chief Mark Walker, for our popular free route representing the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway.

Find Out More Here

Visit Our Scenario Packs Page Here

- 20-10-16 - 

Bulleid Light Pacific - Preservation Edition OUT NOW!!

It is with great pleasure that we re-release the Digital Traction Bulleid Light Pacific, but now with MUCH MORE content! No less than 8 preserved Bulleid Light Pacifics, in original 'air-smoothed' form, appear as part of this pack. With many advanced features including steam-chest simulation, option Simple/Advanced modes, Authentic Custom Sounds, Custom Cab, 'Out of the Box' Quick Drive Compatibility and MUCH MUCH more, this is sure to be a great addition to your Train Simulator collection.

Pick Up Your Copy Here

PLEASE NOTE: If you Pre-Ordered the pack, you will have received what looks like an update notification Email. This will be your package. This replaces the stamped .pdf you were sent when you placed your order. If you haven't received your update notification, please make sure it hasn't gone into your junk/spam folder. If there's definitely no sign of the pack, please Email us with your order ID and we'll look into it.

- 20-09-16 -

Free BR Black Hall Updated

Our Free BR Black Witherslack Hall Pack has just been updated to Version 2. This makes it compatible with the Modified Halls Expansion Pack.

Our new and improved free loco and rolling stock page is HERE.

- 09-09-16 -

BR Blue King 6023 Available Now!!

We are pleased to present this brand new pack for Train Simulator. Immerse yourself in the glorious sight and sound of the Great Western with this exciting new pack!!

Find Out More HERE

- 24-08-16 -

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest sound pack. As can be seen from the above image, the subject of this sound pack is the brilliant Just Trains 7MT Advanced locomotive package.

Find out all about this exciting new pack by visiting the dedicated shop page HERE

The Full Train Simulator Sound Packs Range Can Be Found HERE

- 09-08-16 -

New 'In Progress' Reports

Visit our 'In Progress' pages and find reports on our loco-build projects. Some progress quicker than others, while, at times, locos take a back seat while 'real life' takes over. This can be unavoidable. We're please to announce that we have one NEW loco in development, and also the Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0 has been resurrected, with a new In Progress page just gone live. The intention is that the SSS Workshop Blog will be phased out, with this new method of providing updates being used more and more. More soon. . . . . . . . . .

- 02-08-16 -

GCR Demonstration Freight Pack Available Now!!

We are pleased to present a new wagon pack, created by Phil Baines. This is the follow up to the popular GCR Windcutters Pack which was released earlier this year. 18 brand new wagons have been lovingly recreated. Find out more by visiting our Rolling Stock Pages.

We are also pleased to release a new Multipack. This time featuring the two GCR Wagon Packs.

- 28-06-16 -

LBSCR Billinton E2 0-6-0T Available Now!!

In association with The Rustic Enginemans Loco and Carriage Workshop, we are delighted to announce that the eagerly anticipated LB&SCR E2 locomotive is now available from our shop. All who have pre-ordered will have received what looks like an update notification today. This will change your stamped .pdf document to the full package. If you think you haven't received this Email, please Contact Us quoting your order ID, and we'll look into it for you.

We can think of no better way to introduce the pack than to show you our Official Video

If you haven't pre-ordered, then the locomotive is available to buy HERE

- 07-06-16 -

BR Standard 5 Sound Enhancement Available Now!!

We are pleased to release a sound enhancement for Just Trains fabulous BR Standard Class 5 Advanced Pack. This is a new addition to our Budget Range. Find out more about this new exciting pack HERE

- 27-05-16 -


Today, we introduce the new Pre-Orders Page. This will be used to enable users to pre-order locomotive addons at a reduced price. All who use this will receive a stamped and signed .pdf document. Our first pre-order is now available.

The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway E2 Tank has been developed by the Rustic Engineman's Loco & Carriage Workshop. It is nearing completion, and we're delighted to announce that it is now available to Pre-Order.

Please visit our new Pre-Orders Page to find out more.