GWR 28xx Class 2-8-0

George Jackson Churchward of the Great Western Railway, one of the 'great' railway engineers, conceived the concept of standardization at the turn of the 20th century. An array of locomotive types, for various traffic needs, would be constructed using a standard set of parts. One such locomotive was the a heavy freight type 2-8-0 locomotive. The prototype appeared in 1903 and straight away proved successful. With some modifications, the first full batch of 2-8-0's were ordered early in 1904. To demonstrate the enormous power of these engines, on February 25th 1906, 2808 hauled a 109 wagon loaded coal train, weighing 2,012 tons between Acton and Swindon. Maximum speed achieved was 32mph! Already a phenomenal machine, further improvements were made in the years that followed.

In association with Digital Traction, we are developing this mighty workhorse for Train Simulator. The locomotive is in the final stages of development. We will present update reports and images below up to and including release.

- 14-05-16 -

Progress Update

You may have assumed that this project had died a natural death. However, that couldn't be further from the truth! It is fair to say though that this project has taken A LOT longer than anyone, including ourselves, could have imagined.

The current situation is this: The model was sent to a third party to have all the animations for the cab sorted out. In the process of making adjustments to the cab model, it was discovered that the main loco model had some dimension errors. This has required a complete rebuild. I'm pleased to say that this rebuild is in the final stages, and we hope to bring news on this page very soon as this much anticipated addon reaches it's final stages of development!

- 05/11/15 -

Since the cab model was constructed, some inaccuracies were brought to light. the cab model has been rebuilt to reflect this. Here is a preview of said cab in the modeling program. It is now heading off for the animations to be reapplied. The rest of the loco is pretty much there.

The current situation with the loco is that it is in the process of having all animations finalized. Once this is complete, we will have a fully working loco ready for sound production to begin.