LMS Jubilee Preservation Pack

LMS Jubilee Preservation Pack

Leander, Galatea and Kolhapur

In this pack we bring you a comprehensive collection of preserved Stanier Jubilee locomotives. All locos come with our custom sounds, CJB particles & Script, customizable lamps and a selection of headboards.

Locomotives in the pack

  • (4)5690 Leander in BR Black and LMS Crimson Lake
  • (4)5593 Kolhapur in BR Green and LMS Crimson Lake 
  • 45699 Galatea in BR Red
If you want an impression of what is in the pack, watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO BELOW

*£4.25* Down From £5.50


You MUST own the Jubilee Pack DLC to use this Pack. It isn't on Steam anymore. However, it can be purchased on Amazon, where you get a code to activate in your Steam Client.