Bulleid Light Pacific - Preservation Pack

Bulleid Light Pacific - Preservation Edition

Re-release of the former Digital Traction Bulleid Light Pacific Pack

- Now With Much More Addtional Content -

Pack Contents

  • Bulleid Light Pacific Locomotive in Original Form

  • Eight Individual Bulleid Locomotives

  • Southern Railway & BR Liveries Represented

  • Custom Cab

  • Authentic Sounds

  • CJB Particles & Script

  • Quick Drive Ready

  • Mainline Version of Tangmere

  • Golden Arrow Version of Each Loco In The Pack

Technical Information

Power Classification: 7P 5F

Build Dates: 1945 to 1951

Total Built: 110

Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-2 (Pacific)

Length: 67ft 4.75in (20.45m)

Weight: 86 tons

Number of Cylinders: 3

Cylinder Size: 6.375 x 24in

Coal Capacity: 5 tons

Water Capacity: 4,500 imp gal

Boiler Pressure: 280psi (250psi on BR locos)

Driving Wheel Diameter: 6ft 2in

Tractive Effort: 31,000 lbs

Designer: Oliver Vaughan Snell Bulleid