Modified Hall Collection

A Collection of Hawksworth Modified Halls and a Brand New Hawksworth Flat-Sided Tender for Train Simulator

Pack Contents

  • Five of the Preserved Modified Halls

  • Variety of Liveries as Carried During Preservation

  • New Hawksworth Flat-Sided Tender

  • Custom Sounds for Each Loco

  • Quick Drive Ready - Over 60 Consists!!

  • CJB Particles and Script

  • Scripted Lamps and Headboard - Changeable On-The-Fly

Please Note: In order to use this pack, you MUST OWN the Steam version of the West Somerset Railway.

Also, to get the best out of the Quick Drive consists in this pack, we recommend you consult the manual FIRST before attempting to run them.


We're in the process of putting together a series of preview videos for the pack. They will be posted on our Youtube Channel and embedded here. The first two can be seen below.